An international project about Troyes by students of English at the GRETA SUD CHAMPAGNE Center in TROYES (FRANCE) under the responsibility of their teacher, Patricia DEBROUWER,with partners from Lleida and Madrid in Spain, Antananarivo in Madagascar and Brezno in Slovakia via e-twinning.

jeudi 6 juillet 2017

Tour de France 2017 in TROYES!

Troyes - Vesoul

Troyes celebrates le Tour de France on Thursday, 6 July 2017 and on Friday, 7 July 2017. 
The bicycle racers are riding across the routes of Champagne to the city!
Just have a look at it to discover our region!

Arrival of Tour de France - Boulevard 1er RAM

vendredi 17 mars 2017

About us

The teacher : Patricia DEBROUWER

Who am I ?

Hello everyone,

I have been teaching English for about 7 years at the Greta center. I like teaching to small groups of adults.
Most of my students attend a block release training in selling and in business.
Last year, I decided to attend a few hours of training in e-twinning because I wanted to teach this year in a different way and lead a project with international teachers
As we are a small group, I didn’t know at the beginning , if it would be able to take part into  such a project . However, I enrolled in the e-twinning site at the beginning of September after talking to my trainees if they would  like to cooperate to such a project. They agreed and were motivated to work on an English project with a different approach and with New Technologies.
Finally, I met Dolors’ project that I really found interesting and suggested it to my trainees.
Why can it be interesting ?
-Because of creating a blog
- getting to know other students and teachers of English
- giving the opportunity to people to know not only about Paris, but also about a charming city with its timber-framed city, called Troyes.

Who are the students?


My name is Anaïs and I’m 22 years. I was born on 05 June 1994.
 My job : i’m attending a training to get a «Bac pro commerce» (professional baccalaureate in trading). This traning consists in learning the job of a seller in a one-year period instead of 3 years.
The subjects in this training are Mathematics, Spanish, French, English, Arts, History, Geography, Economics, Law, Selling, Leading, Management and Prevention for Health and Environment.

Where I live : I live in Rhèges. It’s a little village that is situated near Troyes, in France.
Who I live with : I live with my parents and my little sister.
Interests and hobbies : I love drawing, I enjoy playing video games, watching series on my computer because I download them, I hate advertising, or I adore listening to music.

Reasons for studying English : I am studying English because this is the first language spoken in the world and I also would like to travel, so I know I’m going to need it a lot later.

This project is interesting because it allows me to work my English in a different way.



I’m Alison, I’m 22. I live in Troyes, in the Champagne Ardenne region in North east of France.

I’m attending a training in professional baccalaureate.

I have lots of hobbies. I love playing video games on PC and drawing. I’m sometimes painting for my friends or my family. I like cooking every kind of food and I sometimes make sushi cause Im in love with japanese food.

At the weekends , sometimesI go visit my family in Châlons-en-Champagne. I enjoy this moment.

I think It’s intereting to speak an other langage because it’s useful for travelling or speaking with other people.

I enjoy this project for learning about other cultures and meeting people.


Hey,I’m Baptiste,I’m 21.I currently live in troyes for my studies otherwise I live in Paris. I’m currently working on my degree which is a profesional baccalaureate in trading.

I’m a huge fan of music and I watch a lot of TV shows and movies ,spots ,video games, drawing stuff, technology and of course I love food

And eating a lot of stuff. I hate mornings , I can’t bear waking up early.

I really want to be bilingual .So, English means a lot to me,I think  it will be important for the future.It’s gonna be really useful to get a job here or in a another country.

Speaking about that, the thing I like the most is travelling around the world.

I want to see every single amazing place of each country.

To be honest I’m kind of hesitant about taking part in the project,I don’t know what to expect !!


Hi, my name is Rosemonde , I’m twenty  one years old .

I am from Togo, a country, which is situated in the western of Africa. I have been living in Troyes for 3 years. I am a student and I am attending a vocational block release baccaleaureate in trading, this year. There are  steps in this training, that is to say we have to work in a company for one month and the rest of time, we have courses at the Greta Center.  I like sport, especially Basket ball and I enjoy dancing, reading and cooking. I study English because I need it for my future job and; because I really would like to work in international commerce. I think that project is very interesting because it can allow me to see other horizons and to find out other cultures.


Hello, my name is Sacha I’m 20 years old. I live in Troyes with my mother and my sister. I attend a vocational baccalaureate in trading at the Greta center. It lasst 1 year instead of 3, it is done alternately. I have three periods of intership during the year to do in the same compagny. I like shopping and being with my friends. I hate the rain and spiders ! I study English because I am at school, and I think it is also useful to travel. What I expect from this experience is to discover new cultures and to meet new people


Hey, my name is Guillaume, I am 20. I live in Troyes in the Champagne Ardenne. I’m attending a training to get professional baccalaureate. I have hobbies like biking, playing football, playing video games. I also like fast-food, I like going out with my friends as well. I study English because I am at school. What I aslo expect from also this experience is to discover new cultures and to meet new people.


Hi, my name is Jemmy, i’m nineteen years old. I live in Troyes with my mother and one of my sisters.
I’m a  student at the Greta center where I’m attending a vocational block release baccaleaureate in trading. In that training, we have English courses. There are  my favorite courses because I’m good at English. I learned it by watching tv shows, that was really helpful. My wish is that I could travel in the world and discover different cultures and share mine, of course.
But for now I’m really excited to share this project  with you.

The Castle of La Motte Tilly

The castle of La Motte-Tilly is located in the commune of the same name as the department of Aube on the left bank of the Seine. The construction began in 1754 and ended in 1755. It’s a lovely castle and an historical monument. It is composed of a 60 ha park with a 1.0880ha garden all around it. Its decoration is very chic because it dates from the XVIIIe century. Entrance fees cost 6€ per adult and is free for children under 26 years !!

The docks and the Heart

The docks of the Seine are in the city center of Troyes and along the Seine. It is a place to walk appreciated by everyone. Between the two docks we can find a steel heart that is enlightened in the evening. In front of this one there is a bridge called the lovers bridge (like in Paris). In the Seine there are also sculptures, paintings…

Culture et tradition de Troyes

The champagne : body and soul of a prestigious land …

In Troyes, The Historic Capital of Champagne, the nearest vineyard is about 10 kilometres away , so it would be a sacrilege to talk about gastronomy without mentioning the famous sparkling nectar of our region. Champagne!!!

It’s not well known that  Aube is the 2nd largest producing département  of Champagne, after the Marne. Our vineyard have their own protected appellation planted and covers 6,500 hectares and supples a fifth of the production, with a potential of 50 million bottles, of which 6,3000,000 are produced by winegrowers and winemakers of the Aube.

The 59 communes of the appellation are above all concentrated in the south of the département it’s called the “Cotes des Bar” (from the Celtic “Bar”, meaning peak), between Bar-sur-Seine and Bar-sur-Aube, with a prolongation onto the hills of Montgueux that overlook Troyes and, to the northwest near Villenaxe-la-Grande.

To have a clovery view and a good taste, take the Champagne Tourist Route from Bar-sur-Aube to Bar-sur-Seine to the region of Riceys (that also produces the famous rosé des Riceys). The route passes through charming towns and villages where you can stop and taste in the cellars. There are also many visits such as the Abbey of Clairvaux, Bayel Crystal, the wine centre at Essoyes and the Nigoland leisure park at Dolancourt.

The Champagne Tourist Route has its own signposting system and the winegrowers  are ready with their welcome.Tourists who want to taste and buy champagne .

Some of them display the sign “point d’accueil” (reception point), by a jury of professionals in the tourism and wine industries. For the visitor it is a guarantee of quality: for the welcome, a good equipment and  explanations are given by the owners

The Champagne Festival in the Aube is organised each year, usually around the end of July.
It takes place successively over a weekend in the major areas and villages in the Champagne sector.
Its special feature: the “passport” tasting glass that can be bought  allows you to visit and taste for free different champagne throughout the weekend.

Tour de France 2017 in TROYES!

Troyes - Vesoul Troyes celebrates le Tour de France on Thursday, 6 July 2017 and on Friday, 7 July 2017.   The bicycle racers are ...